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Winners KIIT International School, Bhubaneshwar

The team came up with a zero power consumption green device to dispense water by foot or bodyweight and operated by a lever mechanism. The dispenser works with a foot/bodyweight operated board which depresses when force is applied. An attached wire pulls the tap lever down, starting the water flow. On the release of the weight, the board springs back and the lever tap spring restores the original position, stopping the water flow. The user could use the water to take a shower, water plants or bathe a guide dog.

1st Runner Up Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Public School, Hyderabad

The team made a much-needed attempt to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles entering the atmosphere through a cost-effective filter using coconut shells, corn cobs, and activated charcoal. All these materials are kept inside a steel canister along with a metal wire mesh. The canister is fitted at the end of the smoke pipe of the vehicle. Smoke enters the canister and its harmful contents are filtered once it passes through the powdered corn cob and activated charcoal, thus emitting less polluted air into the atmosphere.

2nd Runner Up Brahm Prakash D.A.V School, Hyderabad

They have developed ASTRON, a telescope for exploring space galaxies to carry out scientific research. The team developed it by using 7 plane mirrors in a honeycomb structure to capture bright and high-quality image. Each mirror is hexagonal in shape. The central mirror is fixed and the six side mirrors can be adjusted. They proposed to superimpose all seven images of the object for brighter and clear quality images. The telescope uses the concept of the working of a concave mirror and superimposing of images. It is cost-effective and eco-friendly.