Ridge Valley School
Neelu Singh (YIP 2022)
Thank you Team BARC, for organizing such a wonderful event. It was a learning experience for both the students and the mentors. You guys were available 24x7 to help us. I am sure you all must be very tired. Please take some rest. Thank you for your hospitality. Wishing you a greater success in future versions of YIP.

Wwa Cossipore English School
Sayak Seal (YIP 2022)
The BARC team as a whole was fantastic. We appreciate the tremendous work of the student coordinators who made our stay meaningful. The exposure the students had would undoubtedly encourage them to pursue science at a higher level.

Sagar Public School GandhiNagar
Milan Mukherjee (YIP 2022)
Going to IIT Kharagpur was like a dream come true for us. It was a wonderful experience being a part of the Young Innovater's Program. We were impressed by the campus' magnificence and amazed by its resources and labs. To extend their minds, more students should have the opportunity to experience the IIT environment. I want to express my sincere gratitude to IIT for inviting us to see their campus.

Keystone School, Hyderabad
Vijaylakshmi Sivalenka, Principal (YIP 2019)
Kudos team BARC for hosting the event so seamlessly. Thank you all the student coordinators thank you for the excellent hospitality throughout the event. Team Alset and Well-Water are leaving with an enriching experience. Wish you all a very good luck.

Sanskriti The GurukulL
Shammi (YIP 2022)
We are a project-based school and work on real-time problems which the children see at home or school or the neighborhood and try to devise sustainable solutions. For us, we need platforms like this where kids can showcase their work. I like the way the students of IIT Kharagpur have taken up the responsibility for organizing and conducting this program.

Kaanger Valley Academy, Raipur
Neelam Dwivedi, Teacher (YIP 2018)
I accompanied Manveer Singh and Parineeti Bhura of our school to YIP. The team was awarded the first prize for their project on the anti-pollution mask that is herbal, homemade, and reusable. IIT Kharagpur always motivates students to do something good and new for the welfare of society and our environment. The hospitality and arrangement for the participants were perfect. The event was all about teamwork. We are really thankful to the organizers for changing the way of thinking and developing a scientific attitude in our students. Thank you for becoming our inspiration!

The Crossword School, Guntur
Kesava Reddy MC, Teacher (YIP 2018)
We feel the YIP is a great level field for students from all corners of the country. We took back with us the ideas brought in by the other teams, inputs provided by the IIT professors, and the excellent attitude exhibited by the undergraduate students. In other words, our students and I returned with our perspective 'reoriented'.