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Prof Virendra Kumar Tiwari Director, IIT Kharagpur

“ Albert einstein once said that the "true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination". One can go on learning facts and figures but unless one uses one’s imagination to see how these facts and figures add up to make the bigger picture one can never claim to have learnt anything. In fact we have to look beyond the classroom and try to use the knowledge that we have learnt to bring a difference in our lives. I am very happy to note that the Young innovators programme of IIT kharagpur is encouraging this habit of critical thinking among school children. Imagination comes naturally to children whose minds are often unfettered by the realities that adults have to deal with.YIP helps them to power their imagination to make changes in their own lives and those of others around them.Children are thus encouraged to think about the larger society and be more engaged creatures.This engagement is bound to make them more conscientious learners. As they grow up, they will reap the benefits of this learning by being better human beings and better citizens. ”
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Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay Dean Outreach, IIT Kharagpur

“The Young Innovators Program of IIT Kharagpur ,in its three years of existence has been able to establish itself as a flagship event of this country for high school children .The event is a showcase of the enormous talent that the children of this country have in terms of their ability to think beyond classroom lessons and come up with innovative ideas to some relevant and pertinent problems.The projects and exhibits belie the age of these young minds.The desire to push the boundaries of their imagination and the urge to do something useful and relevant to society have left us mesmerized.I wish this event keeps growing as the years go by and spread its wings across the country and beyond. ”
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Prof Debashish Chakravarty Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Branding, IIT Kharagpur

“Our history in this planet is a story of innovations and inventions.Our story on this planet is about facing new challenges ,devising new solutions and moving on to the next challenge.On the whole, these innovations have brought enormous benefits to humankind, but sometimes they have also brought unit ended consequences.Today’s greatest challenges are the threats to the environment and human well-being.I am sure that we will find our way out of these as well. The Young Innovators of IIT Kharagpur is our way to spur this consciousness among the youngsters who are our future. ”
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